BI: how Sogeti can help you?

One Vision is a global IT solution involving Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) agencies and Geneva HQ, to enable the streamlining of global business processes, standardize data flows and centralize systems by capturing HQ as well as Agency activity to the goal of building a global IT solution to be used and shared by all MSC entities.

One Vision program comprises of several work streams and projects that contributes towards achieving its aim. BI Project is one of the projects in One Vision, which will cover the data, tools and processes handled to it. MSC has appointed Sogeti to implement this new BI Platform as well as build up a service center for the continuous operations further on. Sogeti Switzerland, together with the Sogeti France consultants in Aix-en Provence, are refining the business requirements, with the objective to define the target architecture, technologies and tools before this end of year.

The major BI players are currently assessed, such as Tableau Software, Qlik, Microsoft, SAP and Microstrategy, in order to test the service layer structure and concepts with one single objective: increase the end-user adoption as much as possible. In the longer term (2017), the objective is to deliver the BI platform to all MSC entities, all around the world.

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  • Luis Marcos
    Luis Marcos
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    Pierre Schuffenecker
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